Japanese Drones and Cyber Capabilities Do Not Break Japan Constituion For Ukraine Assisting An Ally In Self-Defense

Japan’s constitution states that it can offer allies lethal military aid in times of war only in self-defense.

The modern warfare landscape is very different now due to Russia and maybe the Japan constitution has not caught up in some regards.

The following is safe though for Japan’s Constitution.

Here’s two types of weapons, both the Japanese State and private industry can help Ukraine end war with and allow for private Japanese investment with business and jobs investing in Ukraine in the years ahead after:

  • Drones. Small reconnaissance drones, larger attack drones and underwater drones for Odessa/Black sea region.
  • Swarm drones and kamikaze drones for East Ukraine to pry open Russian occupiers and those burrowed in Kherson and other places.
  • This is an inexpensive option for both the Japanese State and Japanese private industry to do.
  • Also building links for investment in the future into Ukraine while testing trade routes in live time to stop war.
  • In the cyber realm Japan can assist Ukraine defend itself or launch attacks on Russian government sites in defense too.
  • Quantum computing and artificial intelligence are areas Japan as a State and private industry are adept in and can share knowledge or even set up some companies in Ukraine with small teams on the ground cost effectively and quietly for those from Japan.
  • All this work clears the way for the humanitarian aid to work more effectively as that will only work when Russian occupiers leave in 2023.