How Ukraine and International Community Can Defend Against Russian Phosphorus War Crime

As many expected when Russia started losing, they would resort to dirty tactics like phosphorus bombs in Bakhmut recently (which didn’t work).

There are a number of things for Ukraine and the international community to note on them going forward:

  • Utilize early warning systems to alert of phosphorus bombs.¬†Ground based sensors, radars and satellites can assist.
  • Fire resistant clothes, helmets and protective gear for emergency service workers. Keeping emergency service workers alive and international donations of ambulances and this gear hugely helpful in the time ahead.
  • Knowing what to do.¬†Understand what they look like before they happen, how to treat burn and so on.
  • UN cut off of Russia at this point. Phosphorus is the latest war crime. Don’t pay attention to what they say. Their actions show clearly they are only intent on wiping Ukraine off the map. More weapons to repel occupiers needed more than ever and the investment projects in Ukraine will be huge in the years ahead both from Europe, the East and West.