How Sending Turkish Tanks and Fighter Jets to Ukraine Is No Longer a Risk

Everyone can see Ukraine will win in defending themselves from Russian aggression, terrorism and occupation at this point.

Even China, Brazil, India and many starting to vote against Russia at the UN recently shows as much.

Russia will be isolated for many years for their war in Europe with maybe some parts of Russia paying more than others for who was responsible most.

Turkey will have seen a Ukraine diplomat punch a Russian diplomat in the face in Turkey during the week.

There can be no fence sitting by Turkey and with them on NATO any longer.

Parts of Ukraine will be freed faster with the help of Turkey specifically.

Peace will come after Ukraine’s victory in simply defending itself.

Here’s why there is no risk anymore for Turkey in getting tanks and jets to Ukraine (same for America):

  • Russia have been massively weakened military (it will take decades for them to recover their losses)
  • International community support for Ukraine only grows
  • As Russia gets more isolated in all the countries
  • Turkish economy now in a more stable position to do so and more robust
  • International sanctions tightening on Russia in all countries