Shady United Nations UNHCR Lviv, Kyiv and Across Ukraine Organization Needs To Be Evaluated As Too The UN As A Whole Linked To China and With Russia On UN Security Council

With all due respect, the UN the last year or two during the Russia war and new wars in different regions, have come off terribly as an organization.

They have Russia on their Security Council being the worst part, in business with CCP China who support Russia.

A few things to note on Kyiv, Lviv and parts throughout Ukraine on the UNHCR (UN refugee division):

  • Your country is at war with Russia and you work for an organization who basically promotes Russia with having them on the UN Security Council?
  • How does that even make sense?
  • At all?
  • Why would anyone want to donate or volunteer for the UN at this point?
  • Any divisions of it in any country?
  • Seriously?
  • They are basically funded by China and linked also to WHO (World Health Organization).
  • The WHO only yesterday officially declaring the global pandemic of Covid-19 now over (wonder why?)?
  • Work or donate to them why, because they have shiny cool looking new jeeps that drive around Ukraine?
  • Why don’t they remove Russia properly from the UN?
  • Russia have caused the biggest crisis for all our countries since WWII. Russia must be isolated internationally.
  • The UN need to make bolder, stronger moves against Russia and China to recover their organization.