Putin Picks Side With One Russian General In Feud With Wagner Leader

Vladimir Putin of Russia can surely see the many factions within Russia looking to overthrow him when his and Russia’s war fails at some point.

Hence he is siding with this Russian general in the feud with Wagner:


More here from the original source Washington Post:


Wagner, the Chechens and those responsible within those factions for war crimes (individual names) will all pay for war crimes but if they want Putin, when occupation of Ukraine ceases, he is there on a plate back in Russia when they leave Ukraine.

The above general could also participate in such a coup once all Russian occupation has withdrawn from Ukraine. All war criminals will stay pay though. Maybe some parts of Russia will pay less and those responsible more.

As the Russian Federation will be ripped apart and the 22 Republics may become like their own mini countries in the years ahead maybe.

As the overall country of Russia will be isolated as a country in the years ahead internationally until full justice for war crimes and restitution paid by the appropriate responsible people punished for Ukraine.