Evaluating International Direct and Indirect Response To Russia War In Ukraine and How It Must Increase To End War In 2023 and Why Ukraine Is The Best Investment Europe, America, East and West Combined Will Ever Make Over Next 10 Years

We have had a chance to see much of Ukraine now and belief in God, how God works relative to end times scripture, the role of Russia and Iran, and more, stronger than ever.

Russia of course are the bad and Ukraine the good in their war. That won’t change.

The international response overall has been good but here is why now more than ever more is needed by Europe:

  • EU flags everywhere in Ukraine. Ukraine are effectively already in the EU and NATO too.
  • Both will need to include that in their thinking to invest more in Ukraine’s weapons wise to end war.
  • Weapons will bring peace when occupiers leave.
  • EU will bring new opportunities for Ukrainians in all countries in Europe.
  • New business opportunities for Ukrainians to start their own business as part of EU.
  • Lots to be hopeful for.
  • Weed out charities and organizations exploiting the conflict by helping Russia in anyway.
  • It is a clear cut thing.
  • Moreover, Russia are struggling now in their war and will go into trying to defend what they think they have.
  • Press the attack now more than ever with the new EU weapons soon.
  • Like in any country cities are a huge problem in these times.
  • Cities are where are a lot of the bad stuff is in terms of rubbish, rubbish people etc.
  • Clean up the cities in any country and you fix half of these problems during times of war.
  • Huge population in Ukraine in Europe now so that in itself is where the investment is.
  • As well as land, labor, capital and enterprise within Ukraine itself for the rebuild projects.
  • Simple market economics private demand will reduce for Russia in years ahead.
  • Demand will meet supply need in Ukraine and will see far more demand for Ukraine as a product in the rebuilds.
  • Russia brand tarnished for years Ukraine as a brand growing as a country with the refugees also spreading Ukraine language, culture in many countries globally.
  • Russian language diminishing on the other hand Russia Inc. damaged as brand Russia likely divided into Republics in years ahead.
  • 10 year investment projects alone for low cost to entry, low barriers to market makes Ukraine globally a low risk high reward investment in the heart of Europe (EU still biggest market which they will also have access to in years ahead).
  • Best of both worlds with EU, US, Canada, Australia, Japan and many others private and public stimulus investment growth in short term, which, will lead to organic long-term growth as more Ukrainians return to Ukraine in years ahead and more companies, people and infrastructure (along with new Ryanair 30 planned flight routes take off in the years ahead).