Russia’s Mistakes Internationally In War Will See Russia Rightfully Isolated For Years Among All The Countries

The current war has spread into many different regions on Earth due to the country of Russia.

Important to note some of their key mistakes globally thus far:

  • Lack of transparency: Russia has been very secretive about its military operations in Ukraine. This has made it difficult for the international community to understand Russia’s goals and objectives, and has also made it difficult for Russia to build public support for the war.
  • Poor coordination: Russia’s military forces have been poorly coordinated during the war. This has led to a number of costly mistakes, such as the sinking of the Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
  • War crimes: Russia has been accused of committing a number of war crimes in Ukraine, including the deliberate targeting of civilians and the use of indiscriminate weapons. These accusations have further damaged Russia’s reputation and have made it more difficult for Russia to achieve its objectives in the war.

The mistakes that Russia has made in its war against Ukraine have had a significant impact on the course of the war.

These mistakes have contributed to Russia’s failure to achieve its objectives and have made the war more costly and prolonged.

It is unclear how Russia will be able to recover from these mistakes and what the long-term consequences of the war will be for Russia.

Alas, they won’t.

The fact is Russia will not recover and are being deservedly globally isolated among all countries for their war in Ukraine.