How the Middle East can deter Iran aggression militarily

  • Increase military exercises and deployments: The Middle East can increase its military exercises and deployments in the region. This will show Iran that the region is prepared to defend itself against any aggression.
  • Increase intelligence sharing and cooperation: The Middle East can increase intelligence sharing and cooperation between countries in the region. This will allow countries to better track Iran’s activities and to respond more quickly to any threats.
  • Impose sanctions on Iran: The Middle East can impose sanctions on Iran in the short term. Sanctions can damage Iran’s economy and make it more difficult for Iran to fund its military and other activities.
  • Work with the United States: The Middle East can work with the United States to deter Iran aggression in the short term. The United States has a strong military presence in the region, and it can provide support to countries in the region that are threatened by Iran.