How China Are Being Undone With Their Aggression Against Taiwan

China’s aggression against Taiwan is undoing the country in a number of ways.

  • Economically: China’s economy is heavily dependent on trade with Taiwan. Taiwan is a major supplier of semiconductors and other high-tech goods to China. If China were to invade Taiwan, it would disrupt these supply chains and damage China’s economy.
  • Politically: China’s aggression against Taiwan has alienated the country from its neighbors and the international community. China has been sanctioned by the United States and other countries, and its reputation has been damaged.
  • Militarily: China’s aggression against Taiwan has increased the risk of conflict in the region. A war between China and Taiwan would be costly and destructive, and it could destabilize the entire region.
  • Socially: China’s aggression against Taiwan has divided the Chinese people. Many Chinese people do not support the government’s aggressive stance towards Taiwan, and they are concerned about the potential for conflict.

The combination of these factors is undoing China. The country is facing economic, political, military, and social challenges. If China continues to pursue its aggressive policies, it will only further damage its own interests.

In addition to the above, China’s aggression against Taiwan is also a violation of international law. The United Nations Charter prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. China’s actions are therefore illegal and illegitimate.

China’s aggression against Taiwan is a dangerous and destabilizing development. It is important for the international community to stand up to China and to support Taiwan’s right to self-determination.