Russian Dirtbags Bomb Market In Kherson, Railway Stations Now New Targets Of War Across Europe As Train Travel No Longer Safe In Europe, EU Finally Get New Ammo Deal Ready For Ukraine As Global Shunning Of and Thundering Global Hammering Of The Country Of Russia Goes Live

It will be many, many years of isolation for the country of Russia for their war in Europe.

Yet again they murdered in cold blood innocent civilians in Kherson:

More here:

Here too:

Start using the drones on Russians in Kherson, Odessa and Donbas more now.

Target them precisely.

The EU have finally gone live on this, it should have taken days not weeks but at least it is ready now as Russia are weakened now:

Get the ammo into Ukraine hands.

It is time globally to attack Russia, specifically Putin and his occupiers and remaining global assets in all countries, with maximum force this month.

In all aspects of traditional and modern warfare all in the one and all together from allies the world over.

Cold, calculated moves.

Sharp shooting.