Ways For Ukraine To Counter Russian Storm Units and Fading Russian Security Service

ways for Ukraine and its partners to counter Russian storm units and the Russian FSB:

  • Increase intelligence sharing and coordination. Ukraine and its partners need to share intelligence more effectively so that they can better track Russian troop movements and activities. They also need to coordinate their actions more closely so that they can respond more effectively to Russian attacks.
  • Provide Ukraine with more military aid. Ukraine needs more weapons, ammunition, and other military equipment to defend itself against Russian aggression. Its partners need to provide Ukraine with more of this aid, both in terms of quantity and quality.
  • Impose more sanctions on Russia. The current sanctions regime has had a significant impact on the Russian economy. However, more sanctions are needed to further weaken the Russian economy and put pressure on the Russian government to end the war in Ukraine.
  • Isolate Russia diplomatically. Russia needs to be isolated from the international community. Its partners need to expel Russian diplomats, close Russian embassies, and boycott Russian goods and services.
  • Support the Ukrainian people. Ukraine’s partners need to do more to support the Ukrainian people. This includes providing humanitarian aid, welcoming Ukrainian refugees, and imposing sanctions on Russian oligarchs who are profiting from the war.