Ways NATO and Georgia Can Work Militarily In May 2023 To Deter Putin’s Russia Aggression

NATO and Georgia can work militarily in May 2023 to deter Russian aggression in a number of ways, including:

  • Increase military cooperation. NATO and Georgia can increase military cooperation through joint exercises, training, and intelligence sharing. This will help to improve the interoperability of Georgian and NATO forces and make it more difficult for Russia to attack Georgia.
  • Deploy NATO troops to Georgia. NATO could deploy troops to Georgia on a rotational basis. This would send a clear message to Russia that NATO is prepared to defend Georgia if it is attacked.
  • Provide military aid to Georgia. NATO could provide military aid to Georgia, such as weapons, ammunition, and training. This would help Georgia to strengthen its military and defend itself against Russian aggression.
  • Work with other allies to pressure Russia. NATO could work with other allies, such as the United States, the European Union, and Japan, to pressure Russia. This could include imposing sanctions on Russia, providing military aid to Ukraine, and strengthening NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe.

By taking these steps, NATO and Georgia can deter Russian aggression and help to keep the peace in the region.

In addition to the above, NATO and Georgia could also work together to:

  • Develop a joint defense plan. NATO and Georgia could develop a joint defense plan that would outline how the two organizations would cooperate in the event of a Russian attack.
  • Strengthen Georgia’s border security. NATO could help Georgia to strengthen its border security by providing training, equipment, and financial assistance.
  • Promote democracy and human rights in Georgia. NATO could promote democracy and human rights in Georgia by providing support to civil society groups and by working to improve the rule of law.

By taking these steps, NATO and Georgia can build a stronger relationship and help to deter Russian aggression.