Three Outside The Box Ideas For Ukraine To Use In Bakhmut Counter Offensive

Here are some other ways in which Ukraine could counterattack in Bakhmut:

  • Use cyber warfare. Ukraine has a strong cyber warfare capability, which it could use to disrupt Russian communications and logistics. This could make it more difficult for Russia to coordinate its forces and could give Ukraine an advantage in a counterattack.
  • Use special forces. Ukraine’s special forces are highly trained and experienced, and they could be used to carry out sabotage operations behind enemy lines. This could weaken Russian forces and make it more difficult for them to defend Bakhmut.
  • Use long-range weapons. Ukraine has received a number of long-range weapons from the West, such as the HIMARS rocket system. These weapons could be used to strike Russian targets deep behind enemy lines, including supply depots and command centers. This could disrupt Russian operations and make it more difficult for them to hold on to Bakhmut.