No Longer Popular In Russia Vladimir Putin’s Weakness To Target

As of nearly the beginning of May 2023, Vladimir Putin is being hunted like never before.

Vladimir Putin’s weaknesses personally at this point to target are:

  • He is isolated from the outside world. Putin has surrounded himself with a small group of yes-men, and he has cut himself off from dissenting voices. This makes it difficult for him to get accurate information about the war in Ukraine and the state of the Russian economy.
  • He is losing the support of the Russian people. The war in Ukraine is unpopular with many Russians, and the economic sanctions are hurting the Russian economy. This is leading to growing discontent with Putin’s leadership.
  • He is facing increasing pressure from the international community. The United States and its allies have imposed harsh sanctions on Russia, and they are providing military and financial assistance to Ukraine. This is putting increasing pressure on Putin to end the war.

These are just some of Putin’s weaknesses at this point. If the international community can continue to pressure him, it is possible that he will be forced to end the war and step down from power.

Putin’s weaknesses internally in Russia:

  • The Russian economy is in trouble. The economic sanctions imposed by the West have had a significant impact on the Russian economy. The value of the ruble has plummeted, inflation is rising, and businesses are closing. This is leading to growing discontent among the Russian people.
  • The Russian people are tired of war. The war in Ukraine is unpopular with many Russians. They are tired of seeing their sons and daughters killed in a war that they don’t believe in. This is leading to growing opposition to the war.
  • Putin’s approval ratings are declining. Putin’s approval ratings have been declining in recent years. The war in Ukraine has accelerated this decline. This is making it more difficult for Putin to maintain his grip on power.
  • There is a growing opposition movement in Russia.¬†There is a growing opposition movement in Russia that is calling for Putin to step down.