How The EU Must Assist Ukraine Counter Offensive Weapons

Ukraine is clearly going to be in the EU soon. EU flags across the country of Ukraine already show that this is the case.

Therefore, a united EU and Europe will have Ukraine part of it so it is imperative now more than ever the EU work hand in hand with all partner nations who are globally isolating Vladimir Putin’s Russia due to the war.

The EU can provide Ukraine with a variety of weapons for a first counter offensive, including:

  • Anti-tank weapons. These weapons can be used to destroy Russian tanks and other armored vehicles.
  • Anti-aircraft weapons. These weapons can be used to shoot down Russian aircraft.
  • Artillery. This can be used to bombard Russian positions and troops.
  • Rockets. These can be used to strike Russian targets at long range.
  • Drones. These can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and attack.
  • Other weapons. The EU can also provide Ukraine with other weapons, such as small arms, ammunition, and night vision goggles.

The specific weapons that the EU provides to Ukraine will depend on the needs of the Ukrainian military and the capabilities of the EU’s own military. The EU will need to work with Ukraine to determine the best mix of weapons to provide.

The EU can also provide Ukraine with other forms of military assistance, such as:

  • Training. The EU can train Ukrainian troops on how to use the weapons that it provides.
  • Logistics. The EU can provide Ukraine with logistical support, such as fuel, food, and medical supplies.
  • Repairs. The EU can provide Ukraine with the ability to repair its weapons and vehicles.