4 Courses Of Action For Ukraine To Use In Bakhmut Counter Offensive

  • Use Western-supplied weapons and equipment. Ukraine has received a significant amount of military aid from the West, including artillery, anti-tank weapons, and drones. These weapons could be used to great effect in a counterattack against Bakhmut.
  • Launch a surprise attack. Russia has been on the offensive for most of the war, and its forces are likely to be tired and overextended. Ukraine could launch a surprise attack to catch the Russians off guard.
  • Use terrain to their advantage. Bakhmut is located in a hilly area, which could give Ukrainian forces an advantage in a counterattack. They could use the hills to hide their movements and launch attacks from above.
  • Involve the local population. The local population of Bakhmut is likely to be hostile to the Russian occupation. Ukraine could use this to their advantage by involving the locals in the counterattack. The locals could provide information about Russian troop movements and help to sabotage Russian supply lines.