Ways Turkey Must Help Ukraine Militarily

Turkey has already provided Ukraine with significant military assistance, including Bayraktar TB2 drones, armored vehicles, and ammunition. However, there are a number of other ways that Turkey could help Ukraine militarily. These include:

  • Providing more advanced weapons systems. Turkey has a number of advanced weapons systems that could be of great assistance to Ukraine, such as its T-129 ATAK attack helicopters and its Bayraktar TB3 combat drones.
  • Training Ukrainian forces on how to use these weapons systems. Turkey has a wealth of experience in training its own forces on how to use advanced weapons systems. This experience could be invaluable to Ukraine, as it could help the Ukrainian military to quickly and effectively integrate these new weapons systems into its arsenal.
  • Opening up its airspace to Ukrainian military aircraft. Turkey could also open up its airspace to Ukrainian military aircraft, which would allow them to fly over Turkey to reach other parts of Europe. This would be a significant boost to the Ukrainian military, as it would allow them to more easily move their forces around and to receive supplies.