Ukraine Angry With Enemy Country Hungary and They Are Right To Be

Hungary are not only one of the biggest enemies to Ukraine, but the EU, Europe and the free world.

Their country has, in Europe, single handedly prolonged the war by trying to block EU funds to Ukraine. No more shortly and Ukraine are understandably angry with Hungary and its relationship with NATO:

We’ve been saying this to you this whole time, over and over, and over, and over again, and you know only think this and get this? You have many of these people even in your own country? Hello?

NATO and the EU must act on Hungary now at this point.

Heavy hitters not only in Ukraine but around the world remember the problems some Hungarians caused in America in the 80s.

Now they are doing it again in this war.

Some swift, appropriate action is needed to remedy their misgivings to allow EU funds to get to Ukraine quicker and more support for Ukraine quicker without Hungary in the way – to stop war.