The Art Of War And How It Applies To Russia War In Ukraine and All Wars – Interesting Ukraine and US Citizen To Look Into Larry Dominguez Washington State and Avigail Gloria Kherson Or Odessa Region Ukraine

The art of war by China is vastly outdated.

The modern warfare landscape is vastly connected by technology with even non smart phones being traced and tracked now in war.

The main issue Ukraine has is internal and fraud Americans either helping Russia or not genuine in their efforts for Ukraine.

It applies to wars in any region on Earth.

The issues are always on the inside of a region.

You have to clean up internally to get to the route of the issue.

Run these emails and numbers in Ukraine and Krakow Poland recently best wishes amen:

Larry Dominguez, MES (hit him Amen)

Principal Ecologist

EcoAssets Environmental, LLC

ph. 360.915.4194


Larry Dominguez in the US Washington State claimed to be staying at recently:

“Ibis Olena I’ll be staying here at ibis

And trace route for the email settings on the various server partners for and +380677254773 – she claimed Ukraine volunteer but sounded American on phone – do what you must amen. Be sure. Precise amen.

Maybe nothing but do the checks. Easy.

You may find interesting information Stateside and in Ukraine.

Watch and see what happens.

God is in control of all things.

Ukraine will win the war.

Of course they will.

Don’t expect people to be in a good mood always starving and no sleep however.

Don’t expect help always when that is the case.

Ukraine need more support and if no support comes their country not only will be destroyed but so will Europe and democracies around the world.

Ukraine must be stronger in cleaning up the war.

Once Ukraine win victory then so do many countries.

Peace through strength.

Hit first amen (talk later).

Be fast.

Be first.

Best wishes.

All in all, Zelenskyy and Biden, you must understand and get your stupid heads together to understand the modern art of war very different to China’s days years ago.

China is the real evil in regions of war at present on this planet headed by their CCP.


The below article a brilliant response earlier from Ukraine, good work, keep it up, look winning wars never easy always a small few rotten eggs and bad apples you have to crack along the way.

There’s enough Ukrainians in all our countries at this stage we are all trying our best at the end of the day.

Don’t expect wars to always be happy things, they are not, we are all only human and plenty of people going through a lot whether going without sleep and always starving that is part of war.

Do you want to win or not Ukraine is the question many ask.

We believe the answer is yes but there needs to be more international roll outs not just in Ukraine but against Russian assets worldwide. The below article goes into it from Pravda today (he is spot on too).

You save millions of more lives this way, the alternative much worse for the world is Russia take Ukraine and millions of people die this is best alternative, think different:

Get the fighter jets to Ukraine now:

Do what must be done turn on the lights amen.