Robinhood Crypto Hacker Seizes Bitcoin Funds From Russia and Gives Them Rightfully To Ukraine As Russia’s FSB, GRU, and Foreign Intelligence Service Crypto Funds Get Seized, Time To Do More Of This and Go Further, This Will Work Quicker Than Sanctions Make It Happen Turn On The Lights Amen

Some Russians who left Russia or who are against Putin, the majority at this point, continue their tremendous hits on Putin and his regime in Russia.

One (of a growing number of) Robinhood type character, unknown for now, has stole from the overrated Putin’s Russia and given to strengthening Ukraine – via taking from the Russian State crypto wallets and getting the money into Ukraine:

Genius, turn on the lights worldwide and do more of this crypto entrepreneurs of the world. Quickest way to get Russia to pay for the war, from cause of war, Putin’s Russia, and give to cause of ending wars around the world when the war in their country ends, Ukraine.

Beat Russia in Ukraine and you’ll see some good things in the world for a while.

All is fair in love and war as they say.

Tremendous fighting against Putin above, all credit to that individual. More of this needs to, must and will happen turn on the lights, do this worldwide amen.

This is a huge new idea, all in all.



This will end the Russian funding of their war properly and remove Putin quicker.

There are many intelligent countries who can help with the above too.

Think about how much funds can get into Ukraine quickly by the above.

Roll this out on an international scale.

Go to the guy who did this, learn from him and assemble international teams to do this to get funds into Ukraine quickly to their official State places to rebuild, repel and restore all at once.

Less red tape, time wasting and quicker results with the above.

The above idea, which has shown to work, will be even quicker than sanctions.