Putin’s Russia Threats To Poland For Rightfully Seizing Their School By Force In Warsaw Ignored Putin’s Russia Occupiers and Small Remaining Associates Will Only Get Their Heads Thumped In More Now In All Countries

As diplomats from Russia in countries around the world get sent home shortly in the days ahead, some Russian spokesperson or other tried to threaten Poland today.

Russians, hit these people in Russia, they are weak. Take your country back from them before they sell it to China.

Their occupation in Ukraine cannot work for them. Take back your country from Putin now while he is weak and thump more of his little friends in Russia and America, with plenty of new help, thump those heads in.

That’s the reality of war.

Instruments and agents of death are descending not only into Putin’s Russia, his occupiers in Ukraine, his small one or two silly Americans in Ukraine and in America, but also in places you would least suspect 🙂

Enjoy the show ahead this week.

NATO will come to life 🙂