Poland Seize Russian School In Warsaw As Russian Diplomats and Government Workers Globally Continue To Be Sent Back To Russia

The global isolation of the country of Russia is really coming along now due to stopping war.

Poland the latest to take down Russian history, culture and heritage with the seizing of this Russian school:


Go further next time.

Until no Putin or no war in Ukraine the global end of Russia is only growing by the day.

That will not change until occupiers depart Ukraine and/or no Putin.

Putin has wasted through much of his weapons and won’t be able to produce as many new ones.

Nor recruit motivated or trained people or weapons in Russia’s war.

Therefore, his strategy of thinking people will get tired of helping Ukraine, has failed.

Support only increases on the contrary and the global isolation of Russia only increases also until no war.

NATO only getting started and plenty of new things await soon.

The future is bright.