How Ukrainians Being Controlled At Times Unpredictable Lunatics In War At Others Can Help End Putin and Russia’s War With Help Of More Support

Look, war is war. All sorts of things happen in war but Ukraine are the good, Putin and his Russian invaders the bad and evil in the big war in Europe.

Rope a dope while easy to do on a some simple fat headed unsuspecting people is fine, but sometimes you have to be predictable.

Ukraine must use intelligence but always change plans if they need to.

Never give anything away. That in itself is being quiet and unpredictable, in that, the enemy does not know what to do with you then when sometimes controlled in war and others unpredictable lunatics.

It is very enjoyable no less.

Ukraine need fighter jets of the modern sort however to achieve their aims.

Nice to see so many special deliveries and surprise packages this weekend in the war and in America too all of a sudden.

America need to clean house within America too in this war.

Russia are in defense mode now of what they claim to own.

They won’t go for new territory now.

Advance and press ahead into what they try to defend.

Bring the new things to Kherson, Odessa and East Ukraine next amen.