Russia Wagner Group Boss Says His Group Could Soon Cease To Exist In Ukraine War As Morale At All-Time Low

The Wagner Group in the Russia war in Ukraine is having its worst problems yet.

Per the following story featuring their boss saying:

Why not join forces with other disgruntled factions like the Chechens when returning to Russia?

Leave Ukraine, go back to Russia and both join forces to take on Putin to fight it out to take down Putin in Moscow?

Putin clearly doesn’t care about any of you per the above.

Russia will be divided anyway and isolated for many years so all Russian occupiers will be going back to Russia from Ukraine anyway.

Might as well join forces with Chechens and take down Putin and free Navalny as a future leader down the road for Russia post-Putin era and after war crimes and reparations paid to Ukraine.

Maybe some parts of Russia will pay less than others in the reparations to Ukraine.