As China Talk Rubbish Peace Plans They Buy Time For Putin and Russia To Murder Innocent Civilians Earth Must Send Everything To Ukraine Now China Exposed Now As Tyrants Of The World

China and Russia are tyrants.
It has been shown.
China are not interested in helping end the war and their peace plans favor the aggressor Russia.
Under the leadership of Putin today he began targeting only civilians in Ukraine.
Murdering many.
This should anger everyone and it has done one clear thing.
For all countries to now see.
China are the real evil on this planet.
They are enabling the Russia war in Ukraine.
The planet must send all available military people and defense weapons to Ukraine at once.
Including F-16 Fighter Jets.
So Ukraine can defend themselves and repel the occupiers properly.
Maybe not just in one counter offensive but certainly this year.
Giving time for the sanctions to kick in more.
It is about defense weapons at this point.
Fighter jets will make the difference.
Turkey must get weapons into Ukraine.
Japan too.
Jets from America.
Jets from Canada.
Jets from France, Germany, Italy and Australia.
Everyone can do their bit.
Once Russia and/or Putin is defeated things will be a little bit better for all.
Turn on the lights.