Italy and Ukraine Aligned For Big Military Partnership To End Putin’s Russia War In Europe Region

Italy and Ukraine getting closer all the time militarily in the war.

Yes sanctions work and politics works but force is what really works to stop Putin and war so this good:

Go further now.

Nice to see all the quiet hits in Ukraine the last few weeks against Putin friends or anyone connected to him, some Americans likely never made it home to America 😂 Russian assets safe nowhere worldwide now 😂

Hit the crypto exchange scams in Ukraine next take them out of the equation. That’s where Putin was funding some of his people in Ukraine too.

Of course Ukraine will win the war, everyone can see that now.

They are effectively in NATO and the EU already and investment in Ukraine is already huge.

Russian oil reduced by 50 per cent already this year but on the sanctions side allies in East and West must focus more on their nuclear and crypto funding.

Again, 80 per cent on military force now, 20 per cent on the sanctions and politics.

Weapons in defense only is what really works in stopping war.

Weapons stop the talk as Putin friends can’t talk no more after the weapons.

Less talk is good as then they don’t talk no more now.

Good work.

Convene all things and appropriate instruments of death and destruction to drive home the victory.

Peace comes when either no Putin or Russian occupiers leave Ukraine.

One will happen.

The Hague of course can play a part with the ICC too, moreover, with respect.