Denmark Deliver Special Caesar Weapon Into Ukraine

Denmark have delivered big in the war like many of the Nordics. The following weapons are now live in Ukraine: More from the Nordics and fighter jets, specifically F-16s, will change the game. Get ammunition and weapons into Ukraine for Ukraine it is the most important thing by far.

Watch: Iranian Forces Storm An Oil Tanker Bound For America

America need to be on high guard now. The following video a short time ago shows Iranian forces storming aboard an oil tanker headed to America: Everyone in the region must see through Iran now. Iran are a rogue State in that region and the above shows it.

Air Force Speak On Russian Ability To Replenish Long-Range Missiles

The reality of Russia using its missiles is really dawning on the Russians and Vladimir Putin. Indeed they simply won’t be able to keep replacing them says the Air Force with: That doesn’t take into account an important factor too. That more defense weapons and operators continue to arrive…

Once Thought Invisible Russian Drone A Thing No More

Russia’s armor and weapons are not effective like Vladimir Putin thought they would be. A once though invisible drone has been shown to be dispelled completely with: Just like Putin. Blow him up into little pieces too with drones or anything else appropriate.

Ukraine Ombudsman Reacts To Vladimir Putin Deportation Decree In One Accurate Way

Vladimir Putin is clearly going mad. Ordering deportations and new treason laws in one day. The Ukraine Ombudsman saying on the former: Putin intimidation doesn’t work however. It only makes things worse for him and Russia, by far. Watch and see the global isolation of Russia more than any…

Ukraine Foreign Minister Talks Sensible Solution Following Russia Mass Attack On Ukraine April 28 2023

As things continue to go badly for Vladimir Putin’s Russia they are throwing everything at Ukraine. A mass attack on the country prompted this from the Ukraine foreign minister a time ago: He is right. F-16s are the game changer that will bring about real justice lasting peace.

Watch: Vladimir Putin Doubles Exposed

Vladimir Putin is quite fearful at the moment and he is right to be. Here is the extents he goes to: Russians must ignore his new treason laws. Those who have left Russia of which there are millions can help all countries in the hunt for Putin anonymously.

As China Talk Rubbish Peace Plans They Buy Time For Putin and Russia To Murder Innocent Civilians Earth Must Send Everything To Ukraine Now China Exposed Now As Tyrants Of The World

China and Russia are tyrants. It has been shown. China are not interested in helping end the war and their peace plans favor the aggressor Russia. Under the leadership of Putin today he began targeting only civilians in Ukraine. Murdering many. This should anger everyone and it has done one…

Tulsi Gabbard Right Again About Biden Administration

Say what you want about President Trump but the truth and reality is things have never been as bad as they are now in America under the Democrats and Biden administration. Clearly? By a country mile. Tulsi Gabbard spot on here: Biden administration, Dr. Fauci and their colluders must be…

20 Putin Russia Occupiers Die Mysteriously Of Poisoning

Why Russian soldiers continue to fight for old Putin is anyone’s guess. Now it has been reported that 20 of them have mysteriously being poisoned all of a sudden per: Peace comes when Russian occupiers head back to Russia. And/or no more Putin. Two choices. Hague and ICC can…

Italy and Ukraine Aligned For Big Military Partnership To End Putin’s Russia War In Europe Region

Italy and Ukraine getting closer all the time militarily in the war. Yes sanctions work and politics works but force is what really works to stop Putin and war so this good: Go further now. Nice to see all the quiet hits in Ukraine the last few weeks against…