Ukraine Counter Offensive Gets Desired Reaction In Russia As US Europe Military Commander Speaks On Planned Attack

The upcoming Ukraine counter offensive may happen at anytime.

Many countries are behind it and widespread fear in Russia is now taking place:

Very good.

Pressure increasing on Russia all the time as their losses stack up daily:

The US’ European military commander is very confident of what will soon take place for Ukraine:

And why would he not be?

Same for Ukraine, brimming with confidence, alas.

Ukraine of course will win militarily in the time ahead.

As sanctions continue to kick in and Russia gets isolated globally.

By the hour.

Every day now.

NATO and the US must work closely and quietly more than ever.

To allow Ukraine to move forward even more and attack full force.

To repel the occupiers in all aspects.

As politically isolation of Russia accelerates worldwide in all ways possible.