EU and America Must Focus On Weapons, Ammo and F-16 Fighter Jets 80 Per Cent Now 20 Per Cent Sanctions For Rest Of 2023 Moving Forward Remove China CCP People Quietly Militarily In Kyiv Specifically That Is The Military Key As Well As Hitting Russia With New Weapons In Russia and Targeting Putin and His Family Personally With Fighter Jets and The Right Type Of Hitman Now

The time for red tape is pretty much over now.

Russia and Putin are very weak and now is the time to strike militarily and weapons specifically.

The US, Europe and all other parties must get fighter jets, ammo and weapons into Ukraine.

With appropriate people involved.

Clean up the mess, people and things later.

Quietness is key (where possible) but it doesn’t really matter.

War is war.

All together East and West move forward into Putin and Russia militarily in the country of Ukraine and in Russia.

There is more and more happening in live time and for the rest of the year yes focus on sanctions but only 20 per cent of time and effort.

80 per cent on military at all times moving forward.

Peace through strength the only way that will create lasting justice peace.

Remove all Chinese nationals posing a threat both in Ukraine and in China.

Forget the talk with China for now just get Japan and others in the Middle East to hit the appropriate China people in Kyiv now.

China nationals in Kyiv must be targeted right now in the war who are involved for Russia in all aspects.

That will bring about the response needed from China and the CCP.

They will change sides to Ukraine then once their own people in Kyiv are removed and eliminated.

It is what must be done.

There are a number of countries already in that country of Ukraine that can get the job done against certain China people in Kyiv specifically.

Hit them.