President Trump Easily More Popular Than Ever, Fox Ratings Increase More As Death and Destruction Ignites In So Many Wars

During the wars in America in many States it is interesting to observe what is happening at the moment.
The fact is Donald Trump is more popular than ever, clearly, Biden’s approval ratings are sinking and the Fox News network is easily out pacing the other major network.
No matter what some say, those facts are true.
A real day of true ruin, death and destruction in so many ways for so many people in the wars in different regions.
So many want to peddle ‘rubbish fake peace’ but you it is rubbish peace.
In Ukraine they must repel the occupiers to create lasting justice peace.
Quite a few problems got removed in Kyiv and Lviv the last few days turn on the lights amen.
More soon. Fix the problems in Ukraine or think again about countries around the world helping you.
As you know Zelenskky, action speaks louder than words as you saw today and the last few days now you see Zelenskky amen.
All of the above remain unchanged nor will change.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy you and your country lost the best, strongest friend you ever had today you clown amen. Any American nationals volunteering here in Lviv as appropriate military targets to execute who have lived in Russia for a long time with probable cause ascertained, or in anyway helped Russia, get rid of them, now amen.

Looking at pulling the support for Ukraine at this point pending the next few days performance from Ukraine and the Lyiv city specifically, authorize more lethal military hits on people in the way tonight and in the days ahead to  remove Russian assets and/or not limited to associated businesses or foreigners in any way a threat turn on the lights amen.