Watch: World Stands United With Ukraine and Stopping War No Matter Snaky Sly Tricks By Some

Whether the bullying of Taiwan by China and other large countries picking on smaller ones, it is their countries sure, let them do what they want when they are free, but when they need international protection and help in the meantime, the world always stands up to tyrants.

You are seeing it happen all the time in countries around the world. Same in the Russia war in Ukraine situation:

In the big bag of underhanded, crafty dirty tricks by some, they try to make people angry with Ukrainians or even fellow allies.

Won’t work. They are becoming more united.

Hate loses. Peace through strength wins. Love wins. The stopping war worldwide coalition grows not just for Ukraine but in the Indo Pacific too.

Same thing applies with some trying to focus on the bad stuff in America. America while not perfect is still a beautiful country and will be again one day even more. Important ally in the stopping war coalition in the East and West.

Same thing applies for believers. No one is going to make some not love believers any less, they are all equally loved no matter what they do or slip up on. None of them are perfect, just forgiven. God is good all the time. The fact remains. More believers in Jesus Christ happening all the time around the world at the moment.

It is quite special to see and very enjoyable no less. Have a nice day.