Unforgiving Russia As Expected React Badly – Through Worst Russian On Earth Sergey Lavrov – To US Shutting Off Russian Visas

After the big move from Germany sending so many Russian diplomats back to Russia, more heavy hitters are making moves.

Russia not happy with the US shutting down Russian visas:


Countries in the East and West will now follow same. Forgiveness is key to practicing a daily good quality life in war or business with new people or interactions. God bless all believers in Jesus Christ. The revival in Christianity is truly something one of a kind now.

Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and eternal life. That is the truth. There is no other way. Heaven and hell are forever. This world is nothing. Focus on eternity.

On America’s move on Russia above, another thing. Go further. Send back diplomats to Russia. Designate them a State Sponsor of Terror/Aggressor State until no war.