Watch: NATO Finally Get To Kyiv All Of A Sudden This Week – Response Too Slow As Brutal Death and Destruction Goes Live This Week Privately In The War

A lot of calm death and destruction not reported on went live this week during the war in various places and regions around the world quite easily, calmy and without issues as per usual business practice. America in particular really being sent to oblivion as a country this week it seems in certain States.

So strange to see NATO in the Russia Ukraine war only in Kyiv this week with the NATO boss here:

With respect, NATO have unreal power, budget and can easily wipe out more if they want in defense only. Silly the procrastinating sometimes from NATO.

So why such a slow response from NATO in stopping war through military means? Baffling. War ends when occupiers of Russia leave Ukraine peace then. NATO will play a big role in this. Ukraine effectively are in NATO anyway.