Brazil Miraculously Changes Its Mind On Russia, Condemns Russia War In Ukraine As Vladimir Putin Loses Friends Worldwide As Unfortunately China BRICS Idea Fortune Cookie Crumbles With Bad Luck


The great nation of Brazil and their President produced in the end:

They have made a drastic turn around decision at the last minute on Russia now condemning the war.

More here:

That’s it for Vladimir Putin and China now. Good has overcome evil with good. The BRICS idea will be a disaster for China and the CCP in all ways now, crumbling now.

In Chinese terms, here’s another old saying for ya, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles CCP. Must be bad luck. Never. Never good luck. It is always God. China and Russia tyranny did not pay in the end.

What more do you want now Ukraine and East and West? When you going to win this fight? The victory is there on a plate now? Press ahead today and advance turn on the lights amen.