China 2023 Global Disaster Reaches New Heights During War As They Mess Up Another Asia Country Partnership

Many in the Middle East, Asia, Indo Pacific and the East in general continue to cut ties with China due to war. Latest problems for China with The Philippines: All started with Russia full scale 2022 war in Ukraine. And China starting talking aggressively on Taiwan and many countries.

Russia Runs Into 2023 Weapons Production Problems

The sanctions clearly working in stopping the Europe war now. Russia weapons production already effected per: On top of the fact the ones in reserve are very old and shoddy. Not effective. And more sanction/and/or other appropriate methods on Russia buying weapons from third parties also in play.

China Stocks Face New Issue In Europe

China under the CCP continue to face new issues. This for stocks in Europe: Many of the previously thought safe Chinese business in Budapest (and Russian) also massively effected. Previously thought safe but not so Budapest was how both were exploiting the EU and Europe for a long time.