Stupid Elon Musk Twitter Allows Russian Disinformation Bots To Backfire On Him As The Russians Look To Take Down His Starlink Now

The US government and military need to (quickly and quietly) and will deal with Elon Musk immediately as he is compromising national security.

Musk you idiot you were warned about this:

You think the Russians want to help you? They’d kill you and your kids in a heartbeat. See what they are doing to you now? Now do you see finally?

You let Russian bots onto your Twitter platform showed your enemy inappropriate kindness and now look at the above. Musk must get back onboard the Ukraine starship immediately for the good of America, you, your family and civilization!

You were warned about this Musk man!

Seriously. The US military are now going to have to do what they must with you after the above, surely.

As regards the war and defense, things take time.

We can only strongly advise people before it is too late.

Everything takes time.

Poland, Italy, Mexico currencies and their economies all flourishing in many ways all of a sudden recently. New investments and projects and things happening.

That in a world of mayhem too? You see? Why do some have to be so only critical the whole time in everything and always negative on everything? What good is that? Must cut people like that out of life on a continuous basis permanently. You must trust some that they know best for you, your people and country. There is a balance to everything.

Ukraine next on the beneficiary country list and civilization.

Musk you must immediately get Russian bots and disinformation off your platform urgently.

We cannot support Twitter for the rest of the year as is unfortunately.

There’s nothing there anymore of use or learning in truth.