Once Safest State In America Maine Sees Massacre Shooting Death and Destruction Spree As Everything and Everyone In America Getting Wrecked and Ruined In 2023 North America War Zone Terrain

Unfortunately for many Americans total death and destruction is ensuing now on a daily basis at a rapid rate.

Latest being in the once safest State in America:


That shows where America is at now. Complete death and destruction of everything and everyone everywhere in America. People must try to be kind to one another a bit more. Love thy neighbor as thy self.

Bloodbath! Hopefully a more amicable resolution can be forthcoming for more of the injured parties in due course.

The fact remains however, the future is bright and God is good and when Jesus Christ returns, who knows, tomorrow of 50 years, all things will be new again. Focus on eternity not this world or life – that’s the key of David in the end.