Ukraine Concur New West Weapons Changing The Game In The War Now

Ukrainians seem to finally have a bit of renewed spirits in them at last with a concrete view of ending the war starting to form.

They concurred that Western weapons the new ones are really changing the game in stopping war now:

Sooner war is over the better obviously. Good vs evil. Good being Ukraine only defending their country. Nothing more.

Only thing to fear is God and his wisdom through his word. Righteousness from him only. Just stand firm no worries as usual.

Strange sometimes that all it is among some believers is simple miscommunication in these times during all the wars. Particularly the ones God loves dearly with strange blande statements sometimes. Silly. Come on. Cop on.

None of us perfect everyone makes mistakes ultimately God and the majority of the planet wants all war to stop and is, in this war, certainly defending Ukraine from an unjustified war of aggression.