America Reacts To Brazil Claim On Russia War In Ukraine

India saw sense some time ago with Russia. Pakistan and others too. Well done to Pakistan on the new weapons to Ukraine recently.

Brazil have been brought to attention now all of a sudden from America and the global and East and West alliance following:

Good man Kirby. Nice to see America and countries around the world taking more definitive, precise action to bring the Russia war in Ukraine to a conclusion.

He’s right on the above. Parroting Putin’s Russia and China’s CCP propaganda all of a sudden has now put Brazil on the radar of very heavy hitter countries around the world, bless you.

They will see sense too like India, Pakistan and others did as consequences for any remaining countries helping Putin’s Russia or China’s CCP are becoming more severe by the day.

Brazil can do great without the CCP and Putin otherwise it will end badly for the country and the current President.

Come on, use your brain for heavens sake, stick with the winners otherwise, that’s it, you’re on your own otherwise.

Peace in the Europe war will come when Russian occupation ceases in Ukraine.

No China or CCP can stop that from happening.


Nor their influence on poor countries anywhere in the world.