Worst Russian On The Face Of This Planet Sergey Lavrov All Of A Sudden Wants To Stop The War As Soon As Possible You Know What To Then Sergey

The man responsible largely for China’s failure internationally in their Brics program at the moment with India no longer interesting in doing business with them, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, all of a sudden wants to now end the war and changed his tune:


That’s good Sergey stop the war by telling the Russian soldiers to leave Ukraine.

India no longer dealing with Russia much recently following the above with Sergey not long ago:


That man Sergey Lavrov has to cheek to go around to poor countries in Africa and around the world, then rob them,

We don’t hate anyone but that man is easily, by far, the worst Russian on the face of this planet.

A world without Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin would be a better place.

Russia certainly would be better off without both also after the war ends.




War ends as soon as Russian occupiers leave Ukraine.

Easy decision.