Senior German Officials Deliver Crushing Blow To China Globally After Trip To China

Big news in a good way for Europe, the East and West, Ukraine and globally for civilization and bad news for China and their CCP.

Germany were less than impressed with them after their trip to China:

Spot on from the Germans.

Specifically how they mention after the trip at the end of the above report that China want endanger the international order in the Indo-Pacific.

The CCP’s plans are failing bigger than ever now. The only way they will ever return to Europe and many around the globe is by supporting Ukraine and Europe to end the war justice-wise. That’s the end of the CCP after April 17th.

China have lost Germany and Europe now.

This did not help China and the CCP currently:

It is up to China what they want to do now.

If they go to Ukraine to stop the war and support Ukraine everything is back for them.

Up to them.