Overly Ambitious Furious Defeated China Make Nonsense Claim and Try To Play The UN Card

China under the CCP are all over the place more and more as time goes on.

This today on the UN shows them quite enjoyable losing all their power in just a single day essentially.

As many mentioned parts of the UN were bought off by China and the look of anger on this China man’s face today tells you how furious they are that Europe and many others around the world will have nothing more to do with them:

Typical nonsense from the CCP.

No one believes their rubbish anymore.

The CCP are responsible for so many of the issues being seen and countries have woken up to them at last.

They won’t give up either in creating new alliances everywhere around the world that the CCP are not part of.

The new alliance in the Indo Pacific cannot and will not be stopped in safeguarding Taiwan either.

This all comes from China basically after the Germans got back from a trip to China and essentially said they want nothing to do with the CCP.

Big respect to Germany and Europe moving on from the CCP.