China Rage Over Taiwan With Unwise Claim

Notice how often China, and more specifically their CCP communist government that controls the country, speak in the third person?

They are really going off on Taiwan now with this silly claim:

Silly China. Be careful, CCP.

With respect, that thing or whatever he is you’re looking at, news flash pal, he can’t help you.

Only almighty God can now the creator of the universe.

The first and only step in reconciliation for China for their misgivings is to realize the people of China are going to have their country back from the CCP at some point.

The CCP need only to reconcile themself with God and not worry what mere mortals think of them.

None of us better than anyone else.

Taiwan is a sovereign country.

It will stay that way.

There is not a single thing you can do about it.

America must watch this development from China today. Roll.

Have all fighter jets and sea vessels on standby.

Happy fighters are productive ones and America must have its fighter jets at the ready.

As too the new alliance in the region.

Japan are coming alive a lot lately in the region which is rather quite brilliant to see.

Very enjoyable. Quite joyous and content to say the least.

Viva Japan.

Taiwan will not fall.

It will keep moving forward and moving on.

That’s just the way it has got to be.

God does not consult Taiwan’s past to determine its future.

Taiwan is going places big time and has the backing of a new alliance internationally that is just getting started.