China Housing Hits Roadblock At The Same Time The New Brics Lead Country Concept Is Falling Flat On Its Face

China is not doing well now and their plans are falling apart as some had suggested they would.

Their home prices right across China rising faster than anytime over the last 21 months:

Also the new Brics idea of only 5 countries which China is trying to lead is failing even resorting to new highly devalued bitcoin and crypto as global industries too:

India is not close to many nation in Brics as it once was either.

This all happening at the same time as the G7, which is (at least) ten times more powerful than Brics, unites more.

Brics is a divided flawed concept in many areas per outlined above.

G7 while not perfect is more genuine that China CCP lead Brics.

India will continue to see through some in the Brics more and more as time goes on.

India know who are and what are the best ways for India, and the people of India (worldwide) to grow this year, and in the years ahead.