America and Germany and Now Britain and Germany Put World War II Bitterness Behind Them To Unite Against Russia In Russia’s Ukraine War To End Vladimir Putin Once And For All Which Is Guaranteed and Will Happen

The powerful nations of America, Britain and Germany were once sworn enemies.

Tells you how much things can change.

In conjunction with NATO all three nations are working hand and hand now.

Vladimir Putin started this war and he will be put down for it. That is a guarantee. That fact cannot and will not be changed.

Big respect to Germany, Britain and America.

Not forgetting Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy and many others in the new growing alliance too globally.

Until Putin gone or his occupiers leave Ukraine things can get at least fifty times worse for Russia (at least that’s being modest).

That’s true reality of what will happen.

Get rid of Vladimir Putin Russians.

The world will be a better place without him (Vladimir Putin) amen.

His use for Russia has come to an end.