2 Chinese Nationals In NYC Taken Down For Operating Illegal CCP Overseas Police Station On Behalf Of China State

China are going off their hinges for good reason as things will only get worse for them if they continue down the road they are on.

Latest two Chinese citizens taken out of the equation for operating illegal criminal police stations in foreign countries on behalf of the criminal Chinese government here:


NYC, Europe and countries around the world will have nothing to do with the CCP.

CCP must stop the Russia war in China to avoid further destruction of these illegal Chinese government structures (such as again the above) in all countries East and West all together combined.

Who’s cracking who’s skull off the great wall of China now President Xi?

This was the man’s first mistake:


You sure as heck are not doing that to any Americans or any other citizens from any free country unlike your Communist tyrant one.

Calm, measured, sensible, mature response from America on China again above today.

Patience paying off brilliantly.

Kudos and big respect to Germany also for finally seeing through the CCP fully now.