China President Makes A Move That Shows You Where Communism Really Ends Up

Communism has never worked and has done more harm to countries and people everywhere it has been tried on this planet than anything.

China’s President taking the following step shows you where it leads to:

Why do you think China have made citizens start taking pledges of allegiance to China all of a sudden ahead of the summer?

Come on, the origin of the world situation the last few years, China’s closeness with international organizations, wars and talks of wars, it all makes sense with China now.

China want to control all aspects of this planet with their methods and take away what makes all the countries unique and great as they are.

China’s plan is destined to fail. China will fail.

The world will be changed for better in 2023.

America for all their issues still lead the world and for good reason.

You don’t want to see where it would go with China, their BRICCS plan to get rid of the dollar should tell you enough about China.

Not mentioning the Chinese surveillance balloons in recent months.