China President Makes A Move That Shows You Where Communism Really Ends Up

Communism has never worked and has done more harm to countries and people everywhere it has been tried on this planet than anything. China’s President taking the following step shows you where it leads to: Why do you think China have made citizens start taking pledges of allegiance to…

China Start Getting Bold With Germany Over Taiwan

It is all happening now. The majority of the world see through the CCP of China’s big picture game these last few years and now China don’t like Germany and many around the world standing up to them: Taiwan does not belong to China. Nor will it.

China React To New America Philippines Alliance

China can’t seem to take what is happening them at the moment. Their State media saying of the growing America Philippines alliance: The new Asia-Pacific alliance will not be stopped by China. No matter what they say or do.

China Suddenly Try To Tell Japan What To Do Militarily

China are attacking people in different continents through their media and officials. This from English-speaking Chinese media today shows them saying to Japan: China’s game clear as day. Communism and global control. Their Asian neighbors see through them mostly.

America and Philippines Boost Ties Amid China Aggression

Following a lot of Chinese military activity, aggression near Taiwan, threats against America, Japan and many other countries, the US and The Philippines see through China. Strengthening their ties all the time per: Impressive. The Philippines were always a tremendous country and clearly see through the CCP like us…

China Responds To Taiwan No Fly Zone Claim

Highly untrustworthy China and the CCP continue to make strange claims, movements and more in Taiwan and internationally. Now they are reacting to a claim about a no-fly zone over Taiwan: Take everything China say with a pinch of salt. Nothing more.

Watch: China Wants War

The CCP of China are easily the biggest enemy to all countries’ peace and prosperity. Their latest attacks on various countries’ in their media needs urgent attention as this report shows: Biden administration asleep at the wheel with the CCP. As the CCP of China take next steps to remove…