Pakistan Immediately Begin Sending Military and Defense Aid and Equipment To Ukraine In April 2023

It is really happening now this month Faster and faster all the time.. Global military, sanction, humanitarian and political support for Ukraine activated.

Pakistan are sending this very month – a considerable amount worth of money of military weapons, defense equipment and support to Ukraine – per English-speaking global Ukrainian news outlet Babel.

Big respect to Pakistan. That’s a huge move.

More in the far East are doing so all the time.

Just because you don’t hear about it means nothing. Same with the Middle East.

The East is and will stand up for Ukraine this month in particular to stop war and bring peace when the Russian occupiers in the occupied parts of Ukraine leave.

As more and more Russian soldiers rightfully to the good honorable thing and go to other countries, refuse to enlist or join the Ukraine army to bring about a better resolution, more amicable, for all in the big picture.