German Officials Travel To China To Ease France Global Disaster After Macron Trip To China

The French President is a loose cannon who is trying to sell out France worldwide globally.

His China trip was a disaster of truly global proportions and German officials are quickly on the way over there to China to shut down Macron’s sentiments about not needing the US and more per here from Reuters.

China are seeing they are being isolated from Germany, Europe, the US and many more due to their lack of humanitarian and all other support they can give directly to Ukraine at this point.

China know it too.

Not least the fact so many Chinese live in Ukraine and Ukrainians live in China.

After that trip from the French President, France has become a global disaster in Europe and among all the countries.

Macron must focus on NATO, the EU and Europe and remembering that America is an ally of all of these people and Ukraine.

The latter of whom will be in the EU formally so it will be in France’s interest to get more NATO weapons, French military support and more to Ukraine as a new French priority.

Here is more on the global backlash from Macron’s disastrous trip to China per here from Politico.

China even telling Macron he doesn’t speak for Europe via Politico.

Nor France even at this point.